“Teddy’s Ballgame”

Why is my blog named “Teddy’s Ballgame” when my name is not Ted?  Easy, when I was a kid growing up in Boston (Southie to be exact), my aunt Dibbie, Grampy Charlie and Uncle P.J. all told me the tales of Ted Williams “The Splendid Splinter”.  Born into ‘Red Sox Nation’ before we were The Nation, I watched many a follie of Red Sox baseball and learned most of the more important curse words while in attendance at Fenway or watching the games on WSBK TV38.  Then, in the Summer of ’85 I had the ultimate life changing experience when I attended the final summer of Ted Williams Baseball Camp.  A summer spent aTed Retires.jpground baseball, learning baseball and for but a few fleeting days meeting the God himself.  My mom being a camp nurse I was allowed to see a lot of the faculty and spent some memorable hours around Ted.  His love of the game, his country and life was a lesson to carry forever.  He wasn’t perfect and never claimed to be… but if John Wayne ever needed a role-model, Ted Williams was it.


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