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Penny done.jpgBrad Penny requested and was granted his release.  Nuff’ said.

This move I have no problem with and was somewhat expecting.  Yes, The Sox had a back-stop need in Penny for Wake’s return and possibly for Tazawa.  But Wakefield was fairly stellar in his return while Tazawa does indeed deserve a little faith at this point and I’m sure having Hoss’ looking over his shoulder would be of little help.  That and the fact Penny, a (majority of the time) powerball starter (I won’t say fireballer) just couldn’t feel at home in the Pen.  I don’t blame him either.  Just as one couldn’t blame Smoltz for the same thing, though I still feel the 20 year veteran with a reconstructed shoulder was slightly mishandled by the big club.  Perhaps, like Smoltz, Hoss’ will return to the NL (I could see the Rockies need for him more so than the Marlins but there is the 2003 connection in FLA) and regain some of the form that has escaped him.  I’m sure he’d love to get to Denver and shove it right up the Dodgers’ strike zone.


Big Papi is NOT fading from the radar this week.  Yet another excellent sign in the September forecast.  With the success against the ChiSox this week, hopefully Beckett and Lester won’t feel they have to win every start and get back to their respective comfort zones.


And toTed Kennedy Sox.jpg the other State of Mass ‘Teddy’…

       “The last becomes the first” as told from Jack to Ted on Inaguration Day 1960. 

The last of America’s true royal dynasty and an icon of government and social reform.  Thank You for all you have done.     


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