Sunday Morning Funnies…

Just reading the ‘Funnies’ from the Sunday morning news…Smoltz 30.jpg

“In my mind, I’m pitching next year,” Smoltz said. “I think [my arm] is going to get even better next year. The surgery takes a while. I came back quicker than most. So the full benefit will come next year. I have that much more reason to train. And to succeed.”

Isn’t that good to know Red Sox Nation?  Sitting on a bench in NY with the Snowman (an 8) looking down upon him for what he believed was the end of his career and BAM! he shakes the cobwebs of all the revenge against the Braves, takes a deep breath and becomes the pitcher the Sox paid him over $5 million to be… but in St. Louis who is paying him minimum wage (by MLB standards).  1 run allowed in 11 innings over two starts with 15 strikeouts. 

I’m so glad the Sox took the time to investigate their “low risk, high reward” reclaimation project!  Who ever would have assumed it may have been a residual from the surgery or maybe a mental chip on his shoulder?  Oh wait… Jason Varitek did… and I kinda’ thought it was a premature ejection on the Sox part too (oh yes I did, you can go back and read it).

Speaking of Reclaimation Projects…. Paul Byrd will be making his 2009 no longer retired debut for the Scarlett Hose this afternoon.  At this point, I’m hoping for the best but holding my breath and seeing how it shakes out.  Byrd was obviously an above average pitcher in his day, but apparently even he thought his day was over.

The MVP talk is getting hotter and smells like a NY Hot Dog cart smothered in onions with all the ‘Tex is God’ talk.  Yes, Texiera is doing just as expected in the Bronx, especially in the House That Ruth Financed since no expected the place to be an alternate launching pad for NASA.  Obviously Bay will garner some attention (though it may be just a case of too little too late), but for me it’s Petey and Youk all the way.  Youkilis is the fave at this point but we’ll need to watch the rest of the season unfold to know who gets more consideration for sure.  If the Sox can make it deep into October (and yes they have the talent to do so) I can easily see a reverse of last years MVP voting with Youk taking the award while Petey takes third with Texiera filling the two hole.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe…. 

Well, just a few minutes to first pitch…. 


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