Well, we are in the thick of it, aren’t we..?

   First week of September and right on schedule we are hip deep in the post season race.  As it should be. 

 However, the SoxBeckett road.jpg can feel free to address Josh Beckett’s breakdown at any time now.  Penny and Smoltz performed in similar fashion and were sent packing… at least management addressed the issue.  Beckett has apparently either subscribed to the NASA Moonshot program for home run baseballs or his arm is in need of rest.  I know, let’s throw him out there again, see how many homer’s he helps launch in a losing effort and address the situation at that time.  Get him in a side program for rehabbing the arm, plan him for extra days rest or spot starter for the next week or so and let’s get the Ace ready for the post-season.  Keep feeding him to the salivating line-ups who currently have no fear of his fastball or anything else in the arsenal and see what happens… he’ll be physically and emotionally wrecked for October.

 And just what the f#@& is up with the Red Sox pitching mojo anyhow?  Smoltz, a dedicated and proven veteran comes in and can’t get it done.  Ejected.  Now he’s pulling a Cy Young out of his pocket for the Cards.  Brad Penny is a traveled ‘Hoss who though a bit brokPenny Giants debut.jpgen down over the years is a study in fireball pitching who signs on, has a fairly good first half, less than mediocre second half… ejected to the land of the Giants where he’s going eight innings (8 friggin’ innings!) and is looking like the 2003 World Series Marlins Brad Penny.  Now, I understand this whole going to the ‘other league’ stigma of new hitters, no one knows your pitching style blah blah woof woof…. but c’mon.  These are National League pitchers returning to the NL, shouldn’t they be familiar.  Should they not have had an edge on the AL hitters not vice versa?  The AL is the supposed ‘lesser league’ are we not?  DH ruined the game and all that crap… are we now the most dominant hitting side of the MLB coin?  I guess we are! All hail Big Baseball!

Or is it as a few chronic masturbators have noted that perhaps the Red Sox pitching coaches are so unfamiliar with these guys they are shrugging their shoulders and moving on?  I would seriously hate to think that and obviously, doubt it…. but what the hell

The hitting is obviously correcting itself as predicted and right on schedule as well.  But with this weird flux in the rotation we may want to worry… no, not Red Sox Nation push the Panic Button and go Ape Sh!t everyday kind of worry, but the “Hey, what’s wrong with this guy?” kind of worried. Beckett is the Ace (NO disrespect to Lester who will be the ace and fairly soon) and we have to start wondering why he’s falling apart so badly over the last two months.  Common sense tells us he’s tired… but this is the age of psychological baseball and as we’ve seen so many times, pitchers are fragile little creatures who break fairly easy on the mental side of things… Rick Ankiel, Dontrelle Willis for larger than life examples. 

Now that we are in September and ‘The Callups’ have arrived, get Josh the rest he needs.  Let’s not push it and have an ineffective top of what should be a very effective 1-2-3 postseason rotation.


Speaking of thAlyssa.jpge aforementioned Penny….. do you think his signing with the Giants, the Dodgers long storied and most hated rival may have anything to do with his wanting just a tiny tiny bit of revenge on the boys in Dodger blue (Larry Bowa anyway) for saying he was a lousy teammate and a subpar pitcher in the offseason?  Hmmm… maybe a just a little?  Though I’m sure it will tickle Alyssa Milano (Diehard in Dodger Blue, season ticket holder and MLB ladies apparel titan… Penny’s ex) to know he’s there to thwart her Dodgers post season dreams… yeah



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