And another thing…

… To you ‘A-Rod/A-Roid’ lovers haters et al,… Alex was on his way to Boston in 2004. Bags were packed, ticket punched one and done. The MLBPA squashed the deal due to the ‘restructuring’ of his contract. All the Yanks did was keep the contract AS IS and make the deal we didn’t. Can’t ya’ just be happy or miserable in silence after all these years? 2004, 2007 who cares? Both of those important years on the A-Rod timetable were far more important to the Sox for far better reasons. Ever think what those teams may have looked like if A-Rod was on board? Probably not series champions due to various payroll dumps or line-up changes. OK? Done. Finis.

Now.. one has to agree with a semi-popular thought going around in Jason Bay is over-rated. Well, he just may be. But the ‘Nation is familiar with him, so we want him. But he’s over 30, dissapeared mid-season (very very strange in a contract year) and has some pings and dings, but more over, is not a gold glove caliber fielder. Holliday? Damn, he’s a Boras client… who can properly see through the smokescreen without NASA certified detection systems? He went from Blah in Oakland (in a middling line-up) to BAM! in Birdtown. But who’s to say the uber-MVP wasn’t slightly responsible for that? Pujols is, as inferred, a machine.  Rumor has it (and pretty much confirmed it through Olney and Gammons) the Sox made an offer to Holliday, for 5 years or so at about $82.5million before signing John Lackey to 5 years or so for $82.5million.

Adrian Gonzalez. Is staying in San Diego.

No one (not even in baseball) had a clue Lackey was on board… and as I’ve stated previously… this winter, expect the unexpected.


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  1. raysrenegade

    People have forgotten so soon about that A Rod tidbit and the Red Sox.
    Still find it a bit odd he had his contract vetoed by Selig for Boston, but ended up in the MLB’s home town.
    But, no conspiracy theories today (lol).
    Seriously, the Hot Stove deals have been done pretty much under a pot lid this season until the main ingredients have been shown in the media.
    Been kind of slow with hot spots ever now and then, but massive bubbles have surfaced recently.
    Hopefully there are more than a few yet to come before the new year.

    Rays Renegade

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