Just noticing….

There seems to be a common thread on a lot of these blogs and sports sites, so let me see if I can help answer your question.
Why is Red Sox Nation hung up on ‘one more big bat’?
Well, we’re programmed to be. Look at the history of the Red Sox… always a hugely bombastic line-up… homers homers homers. From Jimmy Foxx to George Scott to Jose Canseco to Manny Ramirez with sprinkles of Jack Clark, Anrdre Dawson and Dante Bichette to bolster the grace of Ted, Yaz, Dewey, Nomar and Papi. Pitching was the normal downfall, but never hitting for power.
Now that we have solid pitching (on paper.. remember the 2009 spreadsheet on the rotation?) we still have that natural fear of not enough power. We sat through years of middling starters who couldn’t fill out the back end of the rotation behind some of our best horses and poor relievers who combined with great hitting/no fielding short term leases who took up space of a few HOF players fields… we were raised in the Yawkey tradition.
Even after 2 titles in a decade (which by the way, we’re due if we follow the 3 season schedule) we still revert back to the ‘Old Days’. But hey, even if you’re worried about ‘one more big bat’ you still have to admit this roster as a whole has a ton of potential on both sides of the field. Plus let’s not forget, winter ain’t over… payrolls are still being evaluated. Besides, this may only be a ‘bridge’ to next season’s much larger FA pool.. I’m sure Theo’s got his floaties on.

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