… And to All a Goodnight!

   It’s finally Christmas.  Weeks of Black Fridays, Black Saturdays, Red Thursdays and blue balls from the yammering of commercials and blah blah blah.


   24 Hours of A Christmas Story made for an excellent break from the rather hum-drum board game we call The Hot Stove Season.


  Now aside from this so-called ‘Blockbuster’ on the part of the Yanks to aquire the former Yankee Javy Vasquez (if he’s so friggin’ awesome why does everybody trade him?) for Cabrera, the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ game with Scott Boras and all the Matt Holiday offers pouring in from all over the globe and the Jason Bay blah blah discussions.. it’s been a rather boring week.  

  But we all know the true meaning of Christmas is to remind us all that the blessing of Spring Training is only a month away, which means The Super Bowl is around the corner (Go Pats!) and the other two leagues will finally get thier long drawn out pre-seasons done and get the playoffs started (which any real Celtics / B’s fan knows is the only season that counts).  It also means that the FA market should go into super-market sweeps and start moving like Herme’s Jerked Prunes through Theo Epstein’s bowels! (if you’ve seen Futurerama… you know the Carribean Drano)

  And for anyone who’s looking for the meaning of real beauty?  Google or YVaritek Bourque.jpgahoo! the pics of the 2010 NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park.  Sweet sweet candy.


  So Merry Christmas to all…. even you Yankees fans… And to all, well, ya’ know. 


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