Pinstripe Anniversary…

The 26th marked the 90th Anniversary of Babe Ruth’s trade to the Ney York Pinstripes. Now, though I’m sure we’re all pretty much ‘over it’, it is still a pretty important date in baseball history.  Sure, it was the opening of a floodgate for Boston talent to the lowly Orioles / Highlanders / Yankees in part engineered by the President of the American League and shifted the center of the baseball universe… but hey, sh!t happens.

To read a bit more insight into the happenings of Red Sox Nation before and since ‘The Trade’, I
neverabout.jpghighly recommend Jerry Gutlon’s It Was Never About the Babe, an insightful and objective look at the managerial history of the Scarlett Hose from the origins of the American League to the breakdown of late 2008 with coverage of every owner, GM and superstar of note including all the dark, displeasurable, miserable stupidy which carried on behind the scenes.  It doesn’t slam anyone, it isn’t filled with rumor and blah blah woulda’ shoulda’ coulda’.  It includes interviews with office insiders, those around baseball and others generally in the know.

Another great read for any fan of the Nation is Mark Frost’s Game Six, an extremely detailed
game six.jpgjourney into Game Six of the 1975 World Series, which is as we all know, regarded as the greatest WS game of all time.  Duh.  With interviews of… well everyone involved in the on-field / off-field / behind the scenes action and biographies of the players and managers involved.  Seems like a long and drawn out affair, but really it rolls along quite nicely and is a great read.  I’d easily recommend it for any serious member of The Nation or baseball fan who takes his history seriously.

Speaking of history….

Jason Bay has reportedly signed with the New York Metropolitans.  Eh, he’s used to playing for a bumbling managerial staff who squanders talent to dissapoint a bandwagon fan
base while getting buried on the backpage.

I sure do love it when players sacrifice their talent and happiness for getting the ‘big’ payday.

That should mean Scott Boras is ringing the dinner bell for any suitors who wanna’ get serious about Matt Holliday.  We’ve signed Cameron and the Yanks are supposedly looking to Jermain Dye, so the two biggest glutons at the buffet are out.. wink wink.  So we’ll see what shakes loose.



  1. nym6986

    Jason Bay will be worth it for the Mets. You try to make him sound like an average player for the Mets whilr he was a great one for the Red Sox.

    The Mets dont have a terrible park. The Mets used a program which showed that his flyball woould leave the park. He doesnt have to deal with the massive wall either. The Mets are a team built for that park, and if you payed attention to baseball last year, you would have seen that it isnt that hard to his a ball out of there.

    The Mets have a new and improved coaching staff. And, we did have injuries. We have a good offensive team. You need to suck it up that you didnt get this great player. You watch, he’ll be worth the money

  2. Cordaro9418

    I never said Bay was an average player. If you’ve actually taken the time to read the previous posts I had on the subject of Jayson Bay, you’d know I hold him a rather high regard for his class and professionalism. However, he went for the payday, as is his right, and unfortunately will sacrifice those great numbers he compiled over parts of two seasons at Fenway.
    It is a well proven fact that CitiField eats homers… the Mutts went to the bottom of the barrel in home run production last year. Why else would so many ‘insiders’ keep commenting that David Wright should be moved out of NY and to a team (often suggesting Fenway) where his stellar productivity will not be so stunted due to the home-field? Yeah, we get it, you had injuries last year… a lot of them, but that doesn’t change the park. Much like Yawkey did for Ted Williams, the Wipon’s will be changing the dimensions of the outfield to compensate for the power hitters in Citi.
    Argue what you like… you’re passionate about your team and you should be.. but let’s face it, the Mets went from class of the NL East to bottom dwellers who apparently couldn’t scout, draft or manage trades properly. It happens. The Owners took a laid back approach, put way too much faith in the GM who allowed the inmates to run the asylum so to speak, sacrificing good managertial staff to the gods of fandom… Hell, Pittsburgh used be good too.

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