Win, Lose or Draw..?

Here’s a little nugget…

A New Hampshire woman has been convicted of second-degree murder for hitting a man with her car after he taunted her for being a New York Yankees fan.

The Nashua Telegraph reports that jurors returned the guilty verdict against 45-year-old Ivonne Hernandez late Monday afternoon, a few hours after hearing closing arguments. She was accused of killing 29-year-old Matthew Beaudoin in a Nashua parking lot in May 2008.Hernandez testified that she was terrified because Beaudoin and others harassed her about the Yankees sticker on her car and pounded on her windows when she made a comment about how many World Series they had won compared with the Boston Red Sox.

She denied telling police she was trying to scare Beaudoin and said she didn’t mean to hit him.



WoW!  Sad, tragic yet compellingly humorous.

Ya’ know…. I’m actually surprised the judge just didn’t let her walk right on out of the courtroom following her testimony.  After all, from reading these blogs and sports pages, etc.., we all know the common truth.  Yankees fans are always right.



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