Hmmm… Is this what happened to the Empire following “Return of the Jedi”?

Last year about this time, following the big victory in the World Series, the MLB universe expected John Lackey to sign with the ‘Bombers and ensure another title.


This year, many in that same universe figured the Yankees to swoop in and grab up Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth and maybe even a Cliff Lee a la the 2008 offseason of Sabathia-Burnett-Tex. 

But while the Bronx Braintrust was for some reason attempting to make a villian of their single most recognizable player since Don Mattingly (of the now Los Angeles Mattingly’s by the way), the balance of power in the AL East wasn’t just shifted but left the Braintrust realizing there is a great disturbance in the Force.

With Adrian Gonzalez and his potential dominance of The Monstah’ in place, the Rebellion.. ahem, the Sox lanced the hearts of the Imperial egos by snatching up Carl Crawford.  The same Carl Crawford who was speculated to be signing with either the Halos or the aformentioned ‘Bombers… because it was widely speculated the Scarlett Hose had shot their biggest salvo in trading for and silently kinda’ sorta’ extending Adrian’s contact for the next seven years or so.


For the second straight year, Theo played his role so well, no one saw it coming.  Oh wait, was it no one saw it coming or that no one believed it?  Last year was a ‘bridging’ year… Yuck.  This year it was made very clear, the team would be making a ‘significant trade and a significant signing’.  Check and Check. 

Are they done… probably.  Aside from the bullpen and some bits, one would believe so.  But, as Theo said only hours ago when asked by the media if he’d be looking to make another siginicant position player signing or trade “I wouldn’t count anything in but I wouldn’t count anything out.”…. so who the hell knows.  Rumors for Dice-K, Marco and more continue to swirl so stay tuned on that front.

Now, to continue on the Imperial theme….. following ‘Reurn of the Jedi”, the Emperor is supposedly dead, his enforcer gone (having changed his faith once more and leaving the Dark Side behind) and the long believed lowly Rebellion having gotten ‘lucky’ again the galaxy is left in question….

Since King George the Only (a 1st title isn’t fitting since there will never be another) handed control over to the Boys there seems to be, I dunno’, something different about the Bronx Bombers.  They’ve always had ego and believed it should be every players desire to wear pinstripes and every fans wish to be a player who desires to wear pinstripes and we are all aware of the massive ego Steinbrenner himself exuded over the team and the lengths he would go to prove it (How’s the Hall of Fame, Dave Winfield?) but making Derek Jeter a posterboy for greed?  In New York?    Sure, OK. 

Could there be yet another wave in the anti-Empire movement?  Could it beJeter Sox.jpg from the players?  Sure the Yankees payout for greatness, but could the new regime be sacrificing respect, integrity and common courtesy for ego?  If they would turn on Jeter so quickly, a guy who never wanted to play elsewhere and really didn’t plan on free-agency to begin with, what might they do to someone who isn’t the team captain and currently representing ‘Mister Yankee’?  Sure, they always say baseball is a business, but the Steinbrenner’s mean it.  While the Sox are making ‘good faith’ agreements with players to complete trades, the ‘Bombers are attempting to make The Derek Jeter, the only respectable (in an RSN fashion) guy in Pinstripes (we here in the Nation just can’t learn to like Mariano Rivera or Andy Pettite no matter what) look like some decrepit hanger-on who was just looking for another big payday at their poor expense.  Of course following up a few days later by saying “We have some money to spend…” Yeah, OK.  Hideki Matsui wins the WS MVP and they basically tell him “We’ll get back to you when the important signings are done”… hello Halos.  This season, they pretty much give word once Cliff Lee is settled, they’ll get to you and now both of the ‘big fish’ are off the market.  So what happens if Lee retuns to Texas (the smarter choice for him if he can do with a few million less… after all, how much can you really spend once you’re making $10 million plus for a six month work schedule?) and they get ‘stuck with the ‘B’ level free agents?  Will this be considered a massive failure on the new Co-Emperor’s part?  How long could Cashman survive?  How long will the most fickle fan-base keep paying for extras at a stadium where even the team doesn’t respect the fans or the players?  I guess as long as the Mets continue to implode themselves all will work out fine in the New New York.

Besides it’s really fun to hear Brian Cashman have to say “That’s a great move.  He’s a great player going to a great team…” Especially twice in one week. 


But…. 2011 is looking like an awesome year for the old town team.  With a line-up of

Jacoby Ellsbury #2  CFjason varitek pensive.jpg

Dustin Pedroia #15 2B

Carl Crawford #13 LF

Adrian Gonzalez #23 1B

Kevin Youkilis #20 3B

David Ortiz #34 DH

J.D. Drew #7 RF

Jarrod Saltalamachia #39 C

   – Jason Varitek #33 C (welcome back, Captain)

Marco Sutaro #16 

with Lowrie, Cameron, Reddick, Nava et al off the bench….


This has indeed been an early Christmas season. 


Thank You Darth Santa.






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