“It’s bigger on the inside.”

Any ‘Whovian’ or fan of Doctor Who will know what that particular phrase means… and the 2011 edition of the Boston Red Sox are about to make you think something along the same lines.  Granted, the Scarlett Hose are not going to score 14 runs everyday (one of those days only being 8 rain shortened innings!) but 2 days in a row is giving us a bit of an insight and the rest of the AL perhaps a chill?  Does it mean we’re that good or both Cleveland and Detroit just happened to catch the same plague..?  We shall see… but like the blue police box I feel we’re about to see that the Sox are about to swing the doors open and let us all know they’re a bit bigger on the inside.  If this is the team bonding, the season heating-up, the stars finally coming together then perhaps the American League East should borrow one of The Doctor’s simplest warnings… and “Run”.

Sure it will never be that easy in Baseball’s hardest division, yes the Bronx naysayers will rise up like the Cybermen and give us a whole round of “blah blah championships” and “woof woof Dynasty” but they’re looking the 36 years old the team’s core is averaging and with both Jeter and Posada seemingly on the sons of King George the Only’s bad side… they may finish themselves just enough to keep a race for the wildcard with the rest of the pack.  Of course, it is the Pinstripes and a trade is always lurking.

Sound confident? Yes.  The Red Sox are the David to the Phillies Goliath.  The same yet opposite.  The Phils pitching, barring injury or an invasion of Daleks will carry them through to the postseason and I’m thinking deep into it.  The Red Sox combo of speed and power will do the same for them.  Yes, the Phillies can hit just as the Sox can pitch, but that’s what bolsters the firepower they specialize in.

I of course realize that the AL East is a minefield in and of itself… maintaining anything will be rough going against the powerhouse of the ‘Bombers and the young scrappyness of Toronto or Baltimore or the ever dangerous Tampa.  But the Sox are hitting a major stride, a wonderous discovery of average and power while two of the five starters are on the DL.  Lackey will be returning and history shows he can be a Hoss and a little p!ssed (such a wonderful motivator) when things aren’t going right in his season… Wakefield much like The Doctor has appeared when the skies turned dark and reminded everyone that the 900 some odd year old Time Lord has nothing to lose… Dice-K may be lost for the year and though for some it may seem like a blessing, it’s an arm that when he felt like it (Daisuke being Dice-K?) could pitch a near Cy Young worthy performance. It’s all “wibbly wobbly timey wimey spacey stuff…”

Of course between Aceves, Reddick and the rest of the supporting Companions who travel along in the TARDIS it would appear help may be here when we need it.

Now… onto the Buster Posey thing.  Should catchers have special exemption from the physicality of being catchers?  Let’s ask Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, Gary Carter or Jason Varitek.  Taking a look at each of these greats at their position.. you see a common theme… unlike football or hockey, the players haven’t developed body armor through the generations.  The position is still true to the game.  Is it unfortunate that such a good young player had his season possibly ended in the fashion his injury occurred?  Sure.  But it comes with the position… end of story.

Posey’s agent wants guidelines for catchers protection?  That’s easily done… move him the AL and become a DH.

And what is Bud Selig to do with the growing National League concern in both NY and LA?  Two of the most historic NL cities, two of the largest media markets and one of the oldest and most historic franchises in the whole of baseball… and monthly payrolls are a growing concern?  Two owners looking on the verge of a breakdown both personally and professionally.. one who verbally lashes his team while the second verbally assaults baseball’s governing body?

And MLB still won’t let Mark Cuban own a team?


One comment

  1. Chris Ross

    I just don’t really agree with the reaction that has come about because of this. I’m not amazed by the reaction because this is type of reaction happens all the time. We overreact to a single extreme event that influences our decision on a matter that for the most part would have been insignificant otherwise. I don’t see a need for a rule change and the reason for the change sure shouldn’t be because a one star player was injured one time.


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