In case you missed it…

And if you are from the New England area and didn’t know this, please report to Salem for you shall be burned at the stake….

For the first time since 1990… wait for it… The Boston Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals!

Think they can borrow Fenway for a game or two again..?

Game 7 against Tampa may have been the Baby Bears best game in years… tight, defensive and simply outstanding.  At times in this series they seemed to get far too relaxed in the ‘dump and chase’ offense, unable to properly dump and hardly able to chase.  They resisted taking the body and if rumor serves correct were told at one point they got style points for passing… and passing.. and passing… or was it every time you passed the puck an angel got it’s wings..?

If the Eastern Conference Champions… oh, if the Prince of Whales Conference Champions can play 4 games like they did tonight… there will be another Duck-boat parade through the streets of Boston.

That could make two this year… if you count the one we’ll be holding in late October.

Go B’s…!


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