Do we get a reach-around with that?

It’s pretty f*%$!n’ tough being a Boston fan this week..!

The Sox were nice enough to be swept (@ home) against the Bleached Hose in what should have a been a dominant signal to the rest of the AL East.  Oops.

Meanwhile the Bruins, who played valiantly in Game 1 dropped it with less than two in the third.  OK, I can live with that.  But why in the name of Eddie Shore’s balls couldn’t Mike Murphy, the stand-in czar of discipline for the NHL, suspend that idiot Burrows for a very blatant for everyone in two North American nations to see bite on Patrice Bergeron?  They say the NHL is a Man’s sport… yet at least two people (Murphy and Commissioner Bettman) lack genitals.  For those of you under the baseball rock… Burrows scored two goalstonight in Gamr 2, including the OT  game winner, in a game everyone in a public position to judge the sport (NHL Network, ESPN, NBC.. etc..) agreed he should have been watching at home during his one game suspension.  Congrats, he earned his playoff bonus.

Now, onto the Sox.

Pap’ and ‘Tek getting tossed in the late innings?  WoW!  Rough one.  Speaking of Varitek, does anyone remember the trade that bought him and Derek Lowe to Boston way back when?  The trade Dan Duquette engineered from Seattle?  For Heathcliff Slocumb… what did Peter Gammons call him, oh yeah…  ‘Fasten Your Seatbelt Slocumb’.  Perhaps Pap’ has now earned that unwanted and unlikely moniker.  Ever wonder why the Brass have steered away from trading Bard and brought in Bobby Jenks?  Could it be for that same fear in the back of the mind reason?  I have to admit, I’ve lost faith in him.  Beginning last season and carrying into this season, I get nervous every time I see him make his way out the pen.  He’s lost a bit off his fastball and appears to just not want to adjust.  The American League got over the ‘fishface’ intimidation and adjusted, but he hasn’t.  Why?  He’s got the talent and demeanor to be dominant… but scrapes by some of the time.

I remember the feathers he ruffled when he made the comments regarding the Bronx Bombers possibly signing him after Rivera retired… but would they really?  At this point?

Beckett suffered through two plus years of oft-injured mediocrity and what may have been perceived as being too comfortable before this season (much like The Rocket back in the ’95-’96 seasons).  He’s come around and is pitching like the Beckett we traded for.  Is Papelbon too comfortable?  Dice-K is gone (not just for the season but probably for good), Lackey is nearing a return as is Jenks and while the rest of the bullpen is in flux Pap’ needs to be the anchor.  Period.  Call the NESN offices and ask his majesty the Eck to give you some lessons on ‘Closing Composure’.  You don’t have to be great everyday… but we can’t keep fastening our seatbelt every time we’re ‘Shipping Off to Boston’…  even if the defense and Umpires seem to be working against you.

While the rest of the ‘East is West.. we need to get back in the saddle.  Tonight was a hard-fought lesson in survival… let’s try to make it count.   Salty is coming around, A-Gon is hitting what will be a massive Fenway stride, Papi is looking five years younger and Crawford is finding his stroke… everyone else will follow.  We just need to try to get them all to follow on the same page at the same time…  meanwhile, we’ll all just have a pint and chill out.


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