Busy day… Busy day…

So let’s open with the Bruins… or as the press will have us call ’em, the “Killer B’s”.

I think we can all admit it.. when Nathan Horton was sent into limbo with that fairly questionable hit on open ice in Game 3, none of us knew how the home town team would respond.  Double edged sword, 50/50.. so on and so forth… but they did what was right and just as importantly, what was required when they took to the ice in the second period looking and acting like a team who not only deserved to be in the Stanley Cup Finals but could win it.  Even more importantly, they carried it into Game 4.  Minus the shenanigans, tomfoolery and for nearly 55 minutes, the theatrics, Game 4 for the Brown Bears was near perfect hockey.  Not perfectly executed but perfectly played to a point where the teams shortcomings and failings were negated by team play and the play of Tim Thomas.

Now obviously the B’s need to carry this momentum into Vancouver for Game 5.  But I can feel most confident in saying that if the Bruins can play two more games just as they played the last two… with dilligence, passion and imperfect perfection… the Duckboat parade will be on schedule.

Speaking of the last two games….

Really?  No.. really?  Joe Girardi needs to find something to b!tch about other than the play of his team so he singles out Big Papi for a bat flip (after having just been brushed back)… yes, really.  Now obviously this was taken with a grain of salt by most except for David Ortiz who responded by saying “I’m a home run hitter, I flip my bat.  I’m gonna’ hit another one tonight.”  And on cue for Papi’s well scripted season to date… he did just that.  No bat-flip, no drama… just the reality of another well hit home run from a home run hitter.  Ortiz is continuing the rejuvenation of his career, or at least he’s just not sucking for the first quarter of the season in what is known as the ‘slow start’.  David has credited A-Gon for his hot start and for making a personal impact that only Pedro has had on him previously.  Some speculate if it’s a friendship, a kinship in lefties or just some tutelage that has led to it.. but what ever works.  Big Papi has been impressive to start the season to say the least and is emerging as the Papi this team has needed since Manny decided to just be Manny.

So the rest of the evening wasn’t quite as pretty, that’s quite all right.   The Timelord was on the mound and once again held everything together enough for his Companions to keep the momentum going defensively and offensively.  The Pinstripes didn’t look old tonight but looking plain out-played is just as good.  Now is definitely the time to strike and keep attacking the ‘Bombers as even the press corps are getting antsy with the expectation of many a move being made to bolster the NY bullpen, rotation and bench.  San Diego is already falling out and they have some good young talent about to expire (Heath Bell among them).  Let’s hope Jed Hoyer remembers who built his farm system in a single trade this offseason… that’s right his former employers and bestest’ buds back in Beantown.  Of course, the Trolley-Dodgers and Metropolitans are singing what could be fire-sale songs of poverty….

Tomorrow is the ‘big’ one with Beckett versus Sabathia, but let’s get serious… for any real Member of The Nation and any real (no, I mean real) fan of the Highlanders… they’re all ‘big’ games.

Petey has returned to Boston for tests on his knee (injured in Baltimore earlier in the season) and could require surgery.  definitely explains the number fall-off, but if surgery is required it could keep him on the DL a minimum of a month.   Cross your Sox.. I mean fingers.


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