Finger on the button…

No, not that button.  The Red Sox are obviously doing fine.  In fact, many of them were sitting in a sports bar down in Florida (in deep preparation for their head-butting affair with the Rays of Tampa Bay) watching the subject of this post… the Boston Brown Bears.

With a very forceful and definite message sent (once again) to the Vancouver Canuckleheads, the B’s have forced the series back to Western Canada.  We’re going into Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals in a series where the home team has won every gamepress the button.

Game Seven.  The two most important words in all of Sport.  Aside from the venue, it’s an even match.  Both teams equally desperate and both teams needing to destroy the other in their quest for 60 minutes of perfection to be the absolute best of the 2010-2011 NHL Season.  It should be tight, physical and just damned ugly at times… as General Patton once said, “God help me, I do love it so.”  He was speaking of course on the subject of War.  As am I.

As they say, “The team that wants it more, wins.”

Either way.. win or lose… Tim Thomas should be named the Conn Smythe Trophy winner (Playoff MVP).

So please excuse us if the ratings on NESN drop Weds night… there just may not be much room for flipping between games.

Go Red Sox! And as the sign on Fenway Park  backstop reads… Good Luck Bruins.

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