Meanwhile, in The Hall of Justice….

(That’s a Super Friends reference by the way…)

Well, that’s the first Duckboat Parade down… and one to go.  Josh Beckett apparently had that mind this evening down in Tampa, allowing just one hit and collecting his first complete game since 2009.  Even sweeter coming against an AL East foe, dropping the Rays some 41/2 back in what will be a stretch where 14 of their next 30 some odd games come against the Scarlett Hose and The Pinstripes.  The season is a marathon and this could be the lead in to Heartbreak Hill where we can create some distance.  To me however, the best part is seeing a finally healthy, mentally focused Beckett looking like the Beckett we traded for oh so long ago and not the Beckett we were fairly hesitant to extend just a few off-seasons ago.

Meanwhile Kevin Youkilis has been nice enough to remind everyone that you just can’t pitch around this Boston Americans line-up.   Well, not anymore… the adjustment period is over.  If you walk one, you still have to face another.  And even when you walk the AL batting leader, you have to face a guy who is not exactly a slouch and is often forgotten for being in the top 5 of AL MVP voting for a few years… sure, you can walk him too.. but then you still have the ever rejuvenated Big Papi…. and should you go around him you have the fire-starting Crawford… of course this all contingent upon the fact you haven’t been initially torched by Ellsbury and Petey in the one two holes…

… Sh!t… we have a damned good line-up.

We’re getting hip deep into the season when the All-Star game is roughly a month away and the weather ain’t the only thing heating up (especially here in Vegas).  The Red Sox were enjoying the longest winning streak in the Majors this season, having outscored opponents 83-36 during that span but hit the wall against the Floridians who have been a tough play for them to date.

But streaks are like that… streaky.  When one ends, you might just start another.



  1. cordaro9418

    And most teams and their fans wish the Yanks would stop winning Championships and let their team gain some ground. But since there isn’t much chance of that… we’ll just continue the ‘hot-streak’ for as long as possible.

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