That was the headline in St. Louis ‘the morning after’, or the first day of ‘AD’ on the Cardinals calendar.  Albert Departed.

Folks can me mad.  They can blow up their Face_space pages,  jump on My Tube with clips of burning their Pujols jersey,  call the talk radio, be Twits on Twitter and blah blah blah…

But life will continue long past December 8th.

12/8/11; the Anniversary of John Lennon’s murder on the doorstep of the Dakota.  The day following the Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

It will go on past this coming Saturday (the press conference in LA to announce Pujols official signing) and past the second week in February when players begin reporting for Spring Training.

The fans wanted it.  The team would have liked it.  Stan ‘The Man’ had hoped for it.  But as Ozzie Smith said, “.. It wasn’t meant to be.”

But, let’s look at it seriously.  Yes, The Los Angeles Angels made a splash.  A massive free agent splash.  But, they signed a 31-year-old player whose numbers have begun to show a slight decline.  In the end, St. Louis is breathing a sigh of relief (hence why they allowed him to become a FA in the first place).  Sure, it sucks to lose the greatest player of his generation, no doubt.  However, in five years, St. Louis will be coasting as a perennial contender and Pujols will be the DH in LA.  The Red Birds can invest that money a bit more wisely in a solid number three and four starter, a power hitting outfielder and make plans to find a slugging first baseman to succeed Lance Berkman next year.

It stings.  But it’s the business side of The Game.

Oh yeah, The Angels also signed C.J. Wilson to a five-year deal to augment one of the better starting rotations in the American League.    Amazing what a $3Billion television contract can do for a team, a fan base and a city.  (potential Dodgers owners had best be paying attention)  And please don’t be surprised if the Angels aren’t done yet.

Good thing there’s a second Wild Card now.


And I don’t care what Nolan Ryan says, The Rangers are going to make a play for Prince Fielder.  They don’t need to sign him for 7 or 10 years…  sign him for four or five years at the higher annual salary, win two or three WS Titles and let him hit the market again.  Go into the next few years with a bona-fide first baseman who can crush the ball in your ball park, use the time to cultivate a prospect 1B for when Prince makes the move to platoon 1B/DH and bask in the glory of the AL West.  Now they have to keep pace with the Angels not vice-versa… it’s an even playing field at this point…  because even after Houston joins the division in ’13, it’s still a two-horse race for the next half decade.


Aside from signing Bobby V., the Sox had no unexpected happenings at the Winter Meetings.  We’ll discuss the new manager and Big Papi’s return in a further entry as well as some of the big happenings across Florida and how all of it may affect the Scarlet Hose.


One comment

  1. Chris Ross

    Really solid article. I lost a lot of respect for Pujols after this. I had already lost respect for him when he decided to ask for $300 million from the Cardinals last off-season but I’ve definitely lost it for him now. I mean, sure that extra money is a lot for us normal people but when you have already had a $100 million contract and now you have a $200 million one, what do you need it for? He passes himself off as a man of the community but he really doesn’t prove it with his actions. If I’m a Cardinals fan I feel jobbed by him and I would be hoping for him to epically fail in Los Angeles. Who knows what will happen but it will definitely be interesting to monitor. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I’d really love to know what you think http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/thank-you-albert-pujols/

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