Farrell surprised by Leyland retirement…

Leyland exits

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland’s retirement took Red Sox manager John Farrell by surprise Monday morning.

“Very surprised,” Farrell said. “I had sent him a text yesterday morning just to congratulate he and the organization on not only a great team, but a great year. I expressed the respect that we have for him, and certainly I have personally for him for all the success he’s had in his career.

The Red Sox defeated the Tigers in Game 6 of the ALCS on Saturday night at Fenway Park to clinch a World Series berth.

“To see the announcement today, and to listen and know early September this was very clear on his mind, that’s surprising.

“But my gosh, when you take a step back and you’ve seen someone who has managed for 22 years, it’s a hell of a career and one I’m sure he’s extremely proud of.”

Between the likes of Terry Francona (whose shoes he’s already filling fantastically) and a Jim Leyland, I’d say Farrell has some great mentors to take his cues from.

Erin AndrewsYou don’t think Leyland packed up his rocking chair and called it a day because Erin Andrews ratted him out on live National television (during the 30 minute power outage delay in the Sox-Tigers series) for smoking in the dugout do you?  Nah.


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