‘A really great day’…

Since winning the World Series on Wednesday night at Fenway Park, Red Sox manager John Farrell has been a busy man.

Welcoming Farrell

He and general manager Ben Cherington have already begun to prepare for the offseason, while reviewing 2013. When asked if he’s been able to celebrate the team’s championship, Farrell just smiled.

“Just hanging out,” he said with laugh. “A little bit, a lot of recover after Wednesday night. Going through the last couple of days with some meetings with the players, beginning some offseason conversations with Ben, and with each passing hour, what we just accomplished starts to sink in a little bit more.”

Farrell WS Manager

This isn’t Farrell’s first World Series parade.

As a member of Terry Francona’s coaching staff from 2007-2010, Farrell’s already been on a celebratory ride on the duck boats. This time around, however, he expected it to be a lot better.

“I expect an awful lot of people to share in a really great day,” Farrell said. “Having been on one of these after the ’07 series where it was maybe a little bit more of an expected outcome, winning that World Series, this [parade] will have a much more intense feel. All that we’ve come through, the way this group came together and what we achieved as a team, and the way our fans have shared in this and rekindled a relationship back with this team, it’s an awesome day.”


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