Kevin Youkilis wants to play near West Coast

Updating the status of free agent Kevin Youkilis and the Yankees, here’s this tweet from Jack Curry of YES Network: “Cashman called Youkilis’s agent to gauge interest in returning to Yankees. Youkilis appreciated call, but wants to play near home in Cali.”

Youk YankThe Yankees’ interest is understandable, since they could use some additional depth at the infield corners. After all, Alex Rodriguez may be facing a lengthy suspension, and Mark Teixeira is coming off wrist surgery.

Youkilis, though, appears to be inclined to sign with a team near the West Coast. Although, as always in these matters, money sometimes has the final word.

Youkilis, 34, is coming off an injury-riddled 2013 season in which he batted .219/.305/.343 in just 28 games for the Yanks. For his career, he owns a nifty OPS+ of 123, but he hasn’t produced at a high level since 2011.


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