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Thank You…

Just as many of us did back in 2004…

I Thank You not only for myself but for those who are no longer here to see it.

For my mother, Rose, who someone somewhere in Boston may remember as the very pregnant lady making her way through the Garden for many a game back during the ’76-’77 Season…. For lore of the Big Bad Bruins, Number Four and the tales of those legendary Cup temas in the 70’s and their post-game ‘celebrations’ at a few of the local establishments…. and the passion passed down to me through the thick of the late ’80’s and early ’90’s through the thin of an entire decade plus in the Fleetcenter

For those who are wondering, the New England Patriots now hold the longest championship drought in Boston, not having won a Super Bowl since 2004.


Finger on the button…

No, not that button.  The Red Sox are obviously doing fine.  In fact, many of them were sitting in a sports bar down in Florida (in deep preparation for their head-butting affair with the Rays of Tampa Bay) watching the subject of this post… the Boston Brown Bears.

With a very forceful and definite message sent (once again) to the Vancouver Canuckleheads, the B’s have forced the series back to Western Canada.  We’re going into Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals in a series where the home team has won every gamepress the button.

Game Seven.  The two most important words in all of Sport.  Aside from the venue, it’s an even match.  Both teams equally desperate and both teams needing to destroy the other in their quest for 60 minutes of perfection to be the absolute best of the 2010-2011 NHL Season.  It should be tight, physical and just damned ugly at times… as General Patton once said, “God help me, I do love it so.”  He was speaking of course on the subject of War.  As am I.

As they say, “The team that wants it more, wins.”

Either way.. win or lose… Tim Thomas should be named the Conn Smythe Trophy winner (Playoff MVP).

So please excuse us if the ratings on NESN drop Weds night… there just may not be much room for flipping between games.

Go Red Sox! And as the sign on Fenway Park  backstop reads… Good Luck Bruins.

In case you missed it…

And if you are from the New England area and didn’t know this, please report to Salem for you shall be burned at the stake….

For the first time since 1990… wait for it… The Boston Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals!

Think they can borrow Fenway for a game or two again..?

Game 7 against Tampa may have been the Baby Bears best game in years… tight, defensive and simply outstanding.  At times in this series they seemed to get far too relaxed in the ‘dump and chase’ offense, unable to properly dump and hardly able to chase.  They resisted taking the body and if rumor serves correct were told at one point they got style points for passing… and passing.. and passing… or was it every time you passed the puck an angel got it’s wings..?

If the Eastern Conference Champions… oh, if the Prince of Whales Conference Champions can play 4 games like they did tonight… there will be another Duck-boat parade through the streets of Boston.

That could make two this year… if you count the one we’ll be holding in late October.

Go B’s…!

… And to All a Goodnight!

   It’s finally Christmas.  Weeks of Black Fridays, Black Saturdays, Red Thursdays and blue balls from the yammering of commercials and blah blah blah.


   24 Hours of A Christmas Story made for an excellent break from the rather hum-drum board game we call The Hot Stove Season.


  Now aside from this so-called ‘Blockbuster’ on the part of the Yanks to aquire the former Yankee Javy Vasquez (if he’s so friggin’ awesome why does everybody trade him?) for Cabrera, the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ game with Scott Boras and all the Matt Holiday offers pouring in from all over the globe and the Jason Bay blah blah discussions.. it’s been a rather boring week.  

  But we all know the true meaning of Christmas is to remind us all that the blessing of Spring Training is only a month away, which means The Super Bowl is around the corner (Go Pats!) and the other two leagues will finally get thier long drawn out pre-seasons done and get the playoffs started (which any real Celtics / B’s fan knows is the only season that counts).  It also means that the FA market should go into super-market sweeps and start moving like Herme’s Jerked Prunes through Theo Epstein’s bowels! (if you’ve seen Futurerama… you know the Carribean Drano)

  And for anyone who’s looking for the meaning of real beauty?  Google or YVaritek Bourque.jpgahoo! the pics of the 2010 NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park.  Sweet sweet candy.


  So Merry Christmas to all…. even you Yankees fans… And to all, well, ya’ know.